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Use EcoCash to buy NetOne & Telecel airtime online. Tap here
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Use EcoCash to buy NetOne & Telecel airtime online. Tap here

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The simplest way to do this is to use www.paynow.co.zw. you can integrate it with your entire e-commerce website or set it up for simple one-time payments. Paynow allows you to accept payments from  Telecash/Ecocash/Mastercard/Visa/VPaymens(zimswitch).

However the downside is that you can't receive these payment directly into your Ecocash. The payments will be channeled into your bank account which you set up initially. You can setup multiple bank accounts.

The way I see it you are better off with a Steward Bank account linked to your Ecocash such that you can easily withdraw money to your Ecocash from the bank account via mobile phone and use your Ecocash Mastercard.
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You have to integrate a Payment gateway to your Website to accept online Payments. Get in touch with 120 4328545, I can help you. To know more you can visit: https://www.emvantage.com/Default.html
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Get in touch and I can help you with that, +263733969353 or email mashvee aripaGmail
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Or simply use :

With latest joomla! 3 and virtuemart 3

With easy integration and no fuss.
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