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wouldnt it be a good ideal to post the unaswerd qstn on techzim page of facebook foe it has more fans than the techzim answers page, maybe pple will get to answer its just a sugestion. Like ion1c said lot of questions are unanswerd

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most questions are from anonymous users. I think blocking anonymous posts will make life much more better & will leave room for serious questions that get serious answers.

At least that's my opinion. The admin(s) of the forum will decide :-) Cheers
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thanks @Shepherd for the suggestion. We've thought and tried limiting questions and answers to logged in users, but it only makes people shy away.

So far, them being anonymous hasn't affected the platform in an extremely negative way. As in, no spammers yet. 9 out of 10 are genuine people seeking answers and the spammers we delete as soon as we detect.

Once spammers start winning this war, we'll definitely disable anonymouses
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cool idea.

I guess for now spammers will have to be patient & work on a script that can read the captcha then they might win :-)

Meanwhile a FAQ section would be good in the event most unanswered question tend to be questions that have been asked before.Cheers
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Hey there,

Thank you so much for the suggestion hey. We do think that will help and we'll try posting thew unanswered questions on Facebook and see how it goes.

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