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OK, I want to achieve the image display shown on http://www.youthcoalition.org/ and currently I have managed to do that, but with some limitations, as seen on http://www.iywd.org.zw, The problem with my display is the witdh and positions arefixed, hence it displays funny on certain browsers, but the one on the Youth Coalition displays perfectly everywhere, am having serious problems with the display on Mac machines and the Safari Browser.

If you think you can help achieve this, whatsapp me on +263733969353 or email mashvee<at>gmail<dot>com

well the youthcoalition one is not  a responsive site. so what you get is that the browser either shrinks the page of give you a horizontal scroll bar... what you have on your site is
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/templates/yoo_infinite/css/responsive.css"> providing responsiveness but its being messed up with the width values of your images.. if you want your images to collapse to a single column then you have to manage the resizing and make them all uniform width on small screens.
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Thanks for the info . . .

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you can download an image optimization extension depending on either you using wordpress, joomla or any ither website design tools..
From the looks of your site you using Joomla... Try joomla plugins and extensions and im sure you will find the right extension for your problem.. Also remove that Joomla icon on your site and put you site's logo...And another thing... I can log on to your website using brutal force hack... Change your password to be more sucure to avoid your webisite being hacked.
Check this site for more secure passwords http://www.wired.com/2013/04/password-p4ssw0rd-p1sw0rd-playing-it-safe-online/
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Thank you for the info, All joomla extenbstions I got could not display my images in that manner, e.g. they use Bootstrap, which which is difficult to implement 43% width images
The favicon, thanks for the observation, will change it as soon as the site is beyond production stage..

Thank you for the info on passwords, really useful!
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