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I want to purchase the nexus 9 and I find it has two options of wifi and LTE. does this mean I can use my line on this one and whats the difference and ol

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With the n9 wifi model, your tablet will be dependent on you sharing your internet connection through your wireless router at home or work, phone hotspot and access to free or paid for public internet hotspots. It will also be cheaper to buy. The LTE n9 model will have a cell network sim slot in addition to wifi, so as long as you have the airtime in your line, it will be able to connect to the internet. Note, only Econet has so far deployed LTE, with extremely limited coverage.

Here is a short video that should prove enlightening http://www.lynda.com/course-tutorials/difference-between-3G-4G-LTE-Wi-Fi-only/140778/148476-4.html
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