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I recently bought a powertel dongle however i cannot connect.And i opened the sim card area to find ther is no sim card.surely there is supposed to b one in it.??please help

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The original dongles that came when the service started did not need a sim card. The service enabler for the CDMA dongles was using the dongle's mac address to authenticate on the network unlike the SIM.

The sim is mostly suitable for value added services such as voice calls and sms's since your account data is married to the sim.

Note That SIM cards store up to 250 contact #'s & network-specific information used to authenticate and identify subscribers "especially voice subscribers" on the network i.e ICCID, IMSI, Authentication Key (Ki), Local Area Identity (LAI) and Operator-Specific Emergency Number(s). The SIM also stores other carrier-specific data such as the SMSC (Short Message Service Center) number, Service Provider Name (SPN), Service Dialing Numbers (SDN), Advice-Of-Charge parameters and Value Added Service (VAS) applications.

Check if you're in an area with the CDMA coverage and follow the guide on how to install & configure that dongle. Alternatively call powertel & ask for help on how to set up the USB dongle.

Good luck :-)
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No, there is not one inside already installed unless one of the sells team did it for you. You need to insert it yoself, it should be there somewhere in the box they gave you.

Did you buy the dongle only or you bought the dongle with a simcard as a package. Be aware that powertel can still sell you a dongle only if yu ask them or because yu have a powertel simcard already.

If there is no simcard bt yu bought the bundle, then yu need to go back to powertel and explain to them your situation.
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It depends with the service you paid for.
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the  powertel dongle  does not require a sim card if u have a prob with it u can visit e nearest powertel offices
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