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My Huawei Ascend Y220 freezes even when I want to make a call, launch an application.

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You can try to update the application on your phone and computer to the newest version available. I would recommend backing up photos and videos to your computer regularly than deleting them from your phone. Plus you can limit music to what you actually listen to regularly.
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Lets start with why you're getting the message.

The problem with the local rage of Huwaeis going around (and many other questionable brand of smart phones) is memory. Shops sell them at cheap prices but neglect to tell you why they're so cheap.

The reason? Low end hardware. And more specifically to you; memory. The 220 will come with no more than 512 megabytes of internal storage. Two thirds of that, or even three quarters will be filled up with the Android OS.The remainder is for your applications such as Whatsapp.

Lets say you install Whatsapp -which is effectively around 90MB - you've virtually used up most of the remaining space. That's when you get the waning. You can't even install a second app like Skype, Viber, Candy Crush etc.

The solution? There is none. You'll just have to live with it or buy a new phone with a reasonable ammount of *free* memory. An extreme would be to uninstall Whatsapp, but then what good is an android phone then?

Always check for memory when getting a new phone. Especially androids.
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