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Can I have a list of the Econet Hotspots where i can access the Econet Zone service?

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1 Answer

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Her's a list of all zones:


Harare International Airport
Graniteside, Corner Kelvin Road South and Kelvin Close
ZB Life (Towers CBD)
Econet House First Street(CBD)
Harare Main Post Office(2 Hotspots)
Robinson House Corner Kwame Nkrumah Ave and Angwa Street
Cresta Jameson alond Samora Machel
1 Location Corner Kwame Nkrumah Ave/3rd Street
Cresta Jameson along Nelson Mandela
Book Cafe
Econet Shop along Herber Chitepo Opposite Harare Gardens
2 Locations, 5 Avenue Shopping Centre
Harare Sports Clubs
Royal Harare Golf Club
Montagu Spar
Rowland Square, Milton Park
Old Harareans
1 Spot along Cork Road,Avondale
7 Arts Avondale and 1 Other Location
Vanilla Moon
1 Location Corner Guest Eve/College Road, Mt Pleasant
1 Location along Mt Pleasant Drive
Old Georgians Sports Club
Bond Shopping Centre,Mt Pleasant
Giovanni’s(Arundel Village) + 1 other Location
The Bistro
9 Locations at Sam Levy Village
Econet Shop, Chisipite
Solution Centre
Eve’s Garden
Econet Park
Cresta Lodge Harare
1 Location, Corner Knighsbridge Road/Brompton Rd
1 Location corner Victoria/York Avenue
2 Locations at Newlands Shops
1 Location in Borrowdale Brook

Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport.
Bulawayo Central Police Station.

Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls Airport
Cresta Sprayview
Victoria Falls Centre
Pizza Bistro
A,Zambezi Lodge

1Location (Close to the Gweru Post Office)

1 Location (Close to R.Mugabe Way)

Seke Teachers College
1 Location (Near Chitungwiza Post Office)
Makoni Shopping Centre
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