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For those who are using Telone adsl, please let me know if its working as you expect it.

l have a 256kbs package which is so slow it cannt even support one skype call(without video). ls this how you other people are experiencing  it out there??

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lm slowly getting there, what more can l do?

The default settings on telone modem come with MTU of 1400, l did fragmentation testing and noticed it have a maximum of 1492 before packets are fragmented.

l changed it to match, what a difference! from an average of 30kbps download speed to 56kbps. These tweaks are part of WAN optimisation which are not coming as default settings on telone modems.
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what a day yesterday, a total melt down of telone internet, extremely slow!
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telone is experiencing some internal network issues today and pple will be experience very slow speeds
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I finally took my modem back to telone, the noise dropped from 51.3db to 7 when the modem was connected inside telone. The internet guy found it strange.
We went together to my house which he also found the wiring a bit more strange.

The telephone guys came in early this morning, they did all the line testing and found everything normal, bt they did change the termination point and it did improve the telephone exeperience.

Now they said they were going to test my line from the exchange side.

Waiting again........
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after all the testing and up and downs, still no solution, actually even worse at times, bt they ar still happily collecting my money!
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I am not sure about others. i am also not using Telone adsl. Any way if you have slow internet connection problem,
Some of the tips for faster internet connection are,
* Check the Start up programs and remove the unwanted
* Maintain a Decent Space limit at Hard drive
* Check for Malware, Spyware and bots
* Clear cookies and temporary history files
* Close unwanted background tasks if any
* Reset the modem
* Browse with latest and updated browser
* Download using torrents
* Upgrade your hardware
Following these steps may fetch you a better result. You can see the difference in your connection speed by having a speed test before and after performing these steps. You can have speed test for free from http://www.scanmyspeed.com/ . You will definitely see the difference.
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First of all try clearing cookies,browser history and cache,avoid running electronic devices at once,upgrade your modem or router to a newer model and have a periodic check in your modem ventilation, or do you use P2P (Peer to Peer) file sharing programs? If so then try turning the file sharing program off, as file sharing programs use up allot of bandwidth some broadband providers limit the speed you can use the internet if you are using file sharing programs.

If you turn off the file sharing program your broadband speed goes back to normal .

I faced the same problem ,after doing this i checked my speed from http://www.scanmyspeed.com apparently my internet speed is faster than before.
If these doesn't apply ,there is a chance you may have a virus on your computer. A computer virus is likely to not just slow your broadband and Internet down but your computer too.

If you find that not only is your broadband running slower but you notice that your computer is a bit more sluggish or notice that you have corrupt files or programs are not opening then you may well have a virus.Try to overcome this,your internet speed ll automatically rise up.
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Hi you can follow the below steps to increase your internet speed
1)If your system  internet speed is very slow. First reset your modem
2)Delete all cookies and temporary files.
3)Use different browser. Because normally some browser enabled javascript
and flash video ,so the webpages is loaded very slow.So you can try  it
different browser.
4)Virus,malwares is also another important thing it will make a slow connection.
So use a good antivirus software to remove all virus and malwares .
Finally go to this site  http://www.scanmyspeed.com/  then check your internet speed
it will  definitely works very fast
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