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I have been a ZOL Fibroniks entry-level subscriber ($89 monthly) for a couple of months. Then I saw your announcement (ZOL introduces $39 package) and requested them to change my subscription. There followed several emails initially saying that the modalities of downgrading were being worked out but that there would be a charge for such a downgrade, and then they became very vague and not commital. Now I've been told that there will be no $39 package.
Any idea what is going on?

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Dear Anonymous
We apologise for the experience you went through. It is unfortunate that you were given the wrong information.

The $39 package, Basic Essentials, has not been withdrawn - it is very much active. We would, however, like to advise you that the $89 package now has a cap of 30GB and download speed of 10Mbps, unlike Basic Essentials, which has a cap of 15GB and download speed of 5Mbps. If you would like to downgrade to Basic Essentials, you will be expected to pay a once off downgrade fee.
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What is the downgrade fee?
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$49 is the downgrade fee.
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as far as i am aware - its a new package - its very likely that theres still a lot of stuff filtering through internally as it was announced very late last month.

I'd suggest trying to call them again and ask again to find out for certain what the story is
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