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Just got an email asking me to try the new Steward Bank services, one was for WiFI nothing amazing and only at Eastgate.  The other was for the World Mastercard Debit  Card.

dont flag the question before reading the end

This card according to mastercard offers the following

Real Life Rewardsâ„  Earn one Real Life Rewards point for every $2 in signature-based purchases.1
Price Protection* Find something priced lower than what you paid within one-hundred twenty (120) days and World Debit MasterCard will pay the difference.
Zero Liability2 Protection from unauthorized purchases charged to your card.
Extended Warranty Coverage* Double the original manufacturers' warranty or store-bought extended warranty of twelve months or less.

Purchase Assurance*® If something you bought with your debit card is damaged or stolen within ninety (90) days of purchase, you may be eligible to receive reimbursement for the cost to repair or replace the specific item.

Satisfaction Guarantee* If within 60 days of making a purchase with your debit card, you are dissatisfied with the purchase and the store will not accept the item for a return, you may be eligible for a full refund of the specific item

Now I am wondering, will Zimbabwe / Steward offer the above?  I mean it seems like a stretch and something that could cost them money via means of fraudulant reports.  
Secondly how many merchants accept signature transactions i.e. pin less transaction.  In places like S.A, UK and the states its easy because  they ask credit or debit.

All that said, will this finally provide a safe haven for online Zimbabwe shoppers via the zero liability, satisfaction guarantee and other features offered above?  For instance you purchase a Samsung S4 on aliexpress only to realize that it is actually a ShamShung s4.  What about stolen devices - mobile phones, laptops etc.   I know Econet is not to worried from the looks of things after all how many people borrow from Ecocash.  I am sure at least 20% have defaulted, but thats another story for another day.

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