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in Web by new here (750 points)
I purchased a dotcom domain from Godaddy and acquired web hosting from a different company. But now I'm stuck as to how I connect the two.

I was given two DNS addresses by the host which I added to the NS table of the registrar. Am still waiting for the 48hr setup time to elapse. Is that all there is to it?
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@ tzanswers is right but 48 Hours waiting time is weird though. I have set up a couple of .com s and they were pretty much instant but then I have never used Godaddy.

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2 Answers

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by Guru (94.6k points)
All there is to it really. Unless it's not working once the 48hrs elapses and you can post the domain here so we help you troubleshoot.
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by new here (750 points)
I finally fixed it this afternoon with help from another forum.

My original navigation path had been:

but apparently the NS table in editZone doesn't do anything.

The proper way to do it required less obvious navigation to:
by new here (750 points)
Oh, and here's something interesting:

I signed up for a mooc on udemy.com called "Complete Web Developer Course". The package came with free hosting (1 year), lifetime access to the course material which includes HTML, Javascript, CSS, JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Google Maps API, HTML5 for mobile all for the cool promotional price of about $20 (after debit card charges), add domain (which I didn't really need) for about $6. Total cost of a good education $26.

To be fair I could add three months adsl internet ($90) plus the normal rate of the course $200 (promotion is closed). Round off total to $300 still beats most colleges around town. Only downside is no certificate, but I need the skills more than that piece of paper.
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