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I don't want websites to know my location. what is the best free VPN software to use to achieve this?
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have you tried using the hola plugin works like a charm and you can tell these websites wherever you want to appear to be coming from on a tab by tab basis for example if you only want to use vpn for specific sites you can always choose the specific countries for those and route the rest of your traffic the normal way.
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I do not like free softwares that is why i am not giving you any suggestion.

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Have you tried Hotspot Shield. Always works for me. Does slow down the speed of your connection ofcourse, but it's free!
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Hideme.com is the best you can even YouTube on opera mini bundle aka econet.
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What do you mean by saying 'youtube on opera mini'
Can you watch videos
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I am not going to give you any specific vpn provider's name because i don't know your complete needs for using a VPN. That is why i am giving you a list of best vpn softwares of 2015. You can choose one of them after reading their features and comparing with your needs.
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In my experience cyberghost has served me very very well.  Allowing me to pick a location, browser sanitizer and a few more benefits.  That said depends on your needs.
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Free VPN is not a good option. Look for paid VPN such as PureVPN, their services are more reliable and it can be use to access website anonymously  http://www.purevpn.com/
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