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Impossible to track using the cell number because the first thing most thieves (or whoever picks it up) do when they assume ownership is to take out the SIM card and throw it in the ocean.
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If your phone had an econet line in it yes your phone can be tracked.
First you need to go to the police and file a report
Second you will need a case officer assigned it
Thirdly you will need time and resources as your case office will probably need transport back and forth to PGHQ and Econet
Econet will eventually release details with your imei number - this is cake walk for econet but the details will only be given to the police case office.
The way Econet finds the IMEI number for your stolen phone is by checking what imei was last used with your sim card (these records are stored and econet can see every device your sim card has been put in for the last six months)
Once you have the IMEI number, Econet will then monitor to see if a new sim card is paired with the stolen IMEI.

Should you not have lost patience / spent more than the value of your phone at this point its a waiting game as the most frequently dialed numbers list is compiled.

Finally a trap is set and the perp is apprehended.  This is done either by finding one of the most dialed persons or alternatively locating the actual perp.

Estimated time from start to finish is 8 months.  Your phone better be worth more than $500 in terms of the data within it or the actual device.

Econet and the police will push back and try to discourage because this is tedious for all involved but it is possible.  A director at a previous firm had a phone recovered this way.
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depends with the make. Some manufacturers can now do it because every chip in a particular make/model/ is now assigned to a specific phone, as long as you dont use the phone online
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