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Hey guys

In light of how recharge.co.zw and zympay.com offer solutions to buy prepaid electricity online, can some please help me understand how you would create an account with any of the banks zbBank or CBZ to become a prepaid electricity reseller.

From what I've gathered from the grape vine, you need to create an account with the bank for $20,00 and pay a first time deposit of $100,00 worth of prepaid electricity and you should also be a registered company. You are also given 1% of the sales which are directly entered into your account.

Is the information true ? And is there any bureaucracy which might be involved ? Can I approach any branch of these banks to signup ? And how much do I stand to make by becoming a reseller for the bank.

Please assist and do correct me when and where I'm wrong.  I have not yet visited any one of the branches and I plan on doing so when I get time, most likely 2 days from now on Friday.

Any information I can gather beforehand is greatly appreciated.

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