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Looking for someone to integrate Paynow to work as a payment gateway with a wordpress plugin that already has PayPal as payment gateway.
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Do you want to make a plugin or do you want to use Paynow as a gateway? If its the later the site has to option to generate automatic codes you can paste into your site and use in Wordpress. It would be good to just use the contact info from Paynow themselves if  you run into problems.
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I need to extend a plugin, the sort of intergration that they have with WooCommerce and EDD

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How this:

There's Prizelss & Kembo who I know to have worked on FOSS plugins for PayNow - https://github.com/tkembo/moodle-paynow-plugin & https://github.com/prizeless/paynow-magento-zimbabwe

You also have https://www.facebook.com/libdanz?fref=ts who advertises his PayNow cutom integration services on Facebook. $50 a pop I think.
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someone I know says some developer has some opensource stuff on paynow and popular CMSs on github. havent checked but worth checking
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If you want open source version I would recommend Joomla! and virtuemart integration.
Currently paynow offers its plugin for virtuemart 2 which I do not recommend since it reached end of life few years back.

But there is plugin for it developed by Clencore Studios for new versions and it is regularly updated:

Then you can use native Virtumart 3.x plugins for all kind of payments.
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