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I'm using a 3G dongle and when I connect to the internet I see some activity going on, even when I haven't started my browser.

I have disabled the Automatic Checking and downloading of Updates in every application with that option.  I think it would help if I can find a way of checking whats really happening in the background or find a log file.

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3 Answers

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A quick way i use on Windows is this:

- Click the start button (or whatever they call it now)
- Click "All programs" then "Accessories" then "Command Prompt"

type in: netstat -b

It will list all the programs that are connected and the websites they are connected to.
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Now that's a nifty tip. Thanks
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Short cut to open the CMD prompt is by pressing the WINDOWS key between Ctrl & Alt and pressing the key R at the same time. i.e WINKEY+R

Again so running netstat with the following switches -abov will give a detailed list including programs or dll's run as apps connected via UDP ports.
 -a            Displays all connections and listening ports.
-b            Displays the executable involved in creating each connection or
              listening port.
-o            Displays the owning process ID associated with each connection.
-v  When used in conjunction with -b, will display sequence of
 components involved in creating the connection or listening
 port for all executables.

netstat -abov
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thanx soul..what a helpful command..line..didnt know about that one
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If you have a firewall installed it should show you all active connections even if you have not started browsing, commodo firewall is what l used to use when l was in Windows land.
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I had forgotten about the firewall. The culprit was Windows Media Player! Thanks
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press control and shift and escape..it brings up task manager..check the proccesses and applications and terminate as neccesary
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