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First of all what do you mean by hacking? If you mean breaching into computer systems then you have it all wrong. No one will ever teach you that. It is called Computer Security and it is offered by a lot of IT classes, including the, useless BSc in Computer studies at the UZ and at Harare Poly. You can also try online computer classes. Hacking is given many cover names such as computer security, encryption etc in order to make it permissible to teach it!
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Yes he can learn ethical hacking which is called whitehat hacking and its very legal to say it that way. Remember that Obama's security advisor on IT is from Blackhat hacking community.

It might not be a popular word in Zim to use but its recognised world wide. Why most Universities do not teach ethical hacking is the fluidity and ever changing terrain of hacking.

This tend to be left to colleges and online individuals who can quickly adapt to changing environments.

Check this out:


I have used these guys for my training, one of their best trainer is Jeremy Ciora and Keith Barker, just search for their video snippets at youtube and you will know why they are the best.
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