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lets say you want to embed ecocash and use it as a payment system on your website in Zimbabwe..? do i have to pay them for that or its free..?

I asked the econet guys and they said they will get back to me and up to now no answer from them? anyone knowledgeable about this?

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They haven't launched their merchant system yet and we hear that's going to happen soon.

I'm sure they'll charge internet merchants a fee to process payments. What would be the point of them providing the service if they didn't?

Unless i didn't get you right?
Are you kidding?! You guys are the ones who are going to get us charged. Physical merchants are not paying anything and they are actually being paid. Ecocash is not paypal. it makes its money when you send money.

Point of the matter is that Ecocash will not be paypal. that is eTranzact. for you to connect directly with Ecocash you will need significant investment. they wont just let you do it. in fact, since it is common knowledge ecocash is from patternmatched.com, why dont you ask them if their product behaves that way. i would advise people to publicise etranzact as it is the one that does that. but they will not let you use it if you are nobody same staera Kingdom accepted telecel's skwama. iwe ukaenda they will tell you to go away
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