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Why doesn't Disk Management allow to rename partitions?
How to rename it?
Windows 8

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Some disk drive can not be renamed, in Disk Management, the letter was able to display properly, open admin account modification does not work, but the disk drive able to be displayed properly, find a rule, all the disk partition are unable rename letter names if autorun.inf folder in root directory .

This folder is a autorun.inf virus software , When you delete this folder, restart the computer, then you will solved the problem.

Assume autorun.inf folder is in the D drive, as follows: Open the "Start" and select "Run", type "CMD", open a command line window, enter the following command in the command line window:
Step One: Enter CD \, Enter.
Step two: Enter D :, Enter.
The third step: Enter rmdir / s autorun.inf and then enter
Step Four: When prompted, press "Y", and press Enter

Then two ways come:
1.USE THE partition tool

Download the easeus partition Free Download Magic Partition Manager freeware.

Open it. Then your partition will show in this tool

Select a disk and a partition. → Right Click Partitions -> Change drive letter. → Specify the drive letter you want to assign to the partition, in the new drive letter-drop down list. → Click OK.

Do not forget click the apply button..

2.Disk Management

Open the Control Panel (All Items view) → choose system and security. → click on the Administrative Tools. → computer management → click on Disk Management. → Click on the change button. → Select (dot) Assign the drive letter, then select a drive letter you want to have assigned to the disk partition and click on OK.
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