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I want to transfer money from one side of Zimbabwe to the other. What is the best way to do this. I would prefer to not have to open an account of any sort. I want to take the cash to one place - perform a process - and then the receiver must be able to go to another place and take the cash out. Are there companies that enable this "cash to cash" process? What are their fees?

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It is highly unlikely that it is possible for you to perform this without the creation of some kind of account to get the money transferred, especially considering facilities such as actual banks.
I don't know if my suggestion will be of any help but given the services such as Ecocash and Telecash available, these are only 2 of which the creation of an account is the far simpler than most.
Consider it as part of standard business procedures for security and other viable reasons.
I hope, however, that you may be able to find what you are actually looking for.
Best of luck.
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Can you do this without creating an account? Not easy!
Any company that provides this service for you without asking for you personal information (verifying your ID, in some cases your proof of residence - it's called KYC (Know Your Customer) BTW) is probably doing  Money Laundering. Money Laundering is illegal.

If you still want to move money without having to create an account in the first place then you have two options:

1. Putting on a bus. People still do this. You ask a bus conductor going to the same area to deliver the money for you. No doubt this is risky as this requires you to trust someone you don't know with you money and we both know how that often turns out.

2. Bitcoin. Bitcoin is (among other things) a digital currency that allows you to send money directly to someone. Without having to open an account with a company. If you visit the website localbitcoins.com, you can find someone in your local area who is selling bitcoin or cash. You meet them at a public place and buy bitcoins. You then send the bitcoins to the recipient. Note that you and the recipient will first have to download a Bitcoin wallet and the recipient will have to visit localbitcoins.com again to convert those bitcoins to cash.

In both cases the conductor and the buyer/seller on localbitcoins.com may charge you a fee.
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