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Thats some heavy gear, prepare to cry rivers of blood!

No prices (nxa!) but at least it's listed

These guys seem to favour Nikon so can't tell from the site what they actually have but definitely worth calling

Another worth calling: Strachans city centre +263-4-707973, Arundel Village +263-4-369842

Wild cards: I seem to remember Solution Centre having a wide selection of Canon tech even though the site doesn't show much (04) 442 863-5.
Not sure if Globetech Accessories is still operating but an old ad I'd saved lists the 7D 0772 385 646

If you don't mind downgrading a bit on specs and are dead set against importing
http://www.myclassifieds.co.zw/zimbabwe-for-sale/cameras-camera-accessories/canon-eos-6d-digital-slr-camera-1000-00_i23823 *Edit: didn't realise this was a foreign seller. May not be worth the risk

As a PSA, if you go the used route, be sure to check the camera's shutter actuation count, or in simplified terms, how many pics it has taken (think of this as an SLR's 'milage' equivalent) over its lifetime. The original 7d is officially rated for about 150000 actuations and the 7D Mark II 200000, though 300000+ real world actuations is not unheard of ( http://www.shutteractuations.com/canon-eos-camera-shutter-lifetime/ http://www.olegkikin.com/shutterlife/canon_eos_7d.htm ). As the first 7D model is a few years old now and is most likely to be found in a professional, heavy use environment (along with other #D and ##D series models), you need to make sure you aren't getting a lemon! There are a few ways to check this but here is what I use to keep track on my 600D (download link and demo video http://www.learningvideo.com/shutter-count-3/ ).
Good hunting
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Thank you so much for the heads up.
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