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From looking around the web this seems to be hit and miss. Are you having issues with your installation?

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I may not have the precise answer to this question but my best advice is to hold off the update.
There are currently many users out there doing the simple thing of updating from Windows 8.1 on non-Mac machines and are reporting problems right from the installation process. I haven't read up much on problems beyond that so i suggest reading up on problems associated with the OS itself compared to problems you might find from porting it onto your Mac device.
Here is a link to just one problem but this one appears to be device specific:


Will look up some more but be sure of this: 2 machines that are exactly the same can have very different results with Windows updates.
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Note: I believe it's still too early to update any device to Windows 10 because I feel its still in development this soon after the launch.
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