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Earlier this year, Google officially announced that they were going to be releasing a new Android version annually, be it minor or major.

As you can imagine, this can be proven to be a difficult situation for users in our country especially with the economic situation we are currently in.
 Not everyone has that much of a disposable income and a lot of us are willing to keep our phones for years but given the day and age of technology we are living in, and the rapid advancements being made by mobile OEMs allowing near-flagship features to be found on ever-more "affordable" budget handsets... Are we soon going to see people spending more to satisfy the insatiable hunger for a smartphone with the latest Android OS and features? Or will people die hard with "my precious"-esque phones?

(Because let's face it.. for you to have a Samsung device [a popular favourite for many] running Android 5.0+ Lollipop, you need a Galaxy S4 or another flagship level device like a Note 4 (I think). And locally if I'm not mistaken, it's only the GTel flagship that sports Lollipop.)

Maybe it's just me but if the answer to the first question is more of a yes than a no, your next Android device purchase might have to go beyond the usual "I just want a phone that does WhatsApp." as often the case with a Galaxy Pocket range device.

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Have you checked Ubuntu phones? i now confused between android and Ubuntu phones, but once they are provided worldwide, l will buy an Ubuntu phone and see which direction l will be taken.

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