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how can i ship an item on ebay from usa to zim?

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I have written on this http://www.techzim.co.zw/tag/online-shopping/ first go to USABox.com and get an address with them. If you don't already have a MasterCard/Visa Card go get one. The Ecocash Debit card system does not integrated well with Paypal so try FBC's card or BancABC's  prepaid cards.
1) You will need the card to sign up for the USABox.com account and PayPal.
2) Sign up with Paypal.
3) Buy the item you want on Ebay and pay using Paypal.
4) Have Ebay ship the item to your US address.
5) Ship the item to Zimbabwe using USABox.com
6) Pay your ZIMRA bill when the item arrives at the airport.
7) Collect the Item at the Courier's offices (USABox.com uses Fedex so that will mean FedEx HQ)
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roughly how much will it cost to ship it using the usabox system?
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Be prepared to spend no less that $20 on shipping costs (and this is going very very low) depending on which courier will be used but I think USABox charges at least $50+ for international deliveries for all their couriers.
According to my investigation for online shopping (since I'm also looking to purchase something soon), eBay may not be a very reliable source for shopping as I discovered from hours of sifting the net because of the high rate of ripoffs that occur on it.

I therefore suggest that you  also go through Amazon Online. Not as many ripoffs there but you can never be too careful so just beware of scams and utilize their tracking services like you are paranoid as there's always a margin of something going wrong or an unforeseen shipping delay happening or something like that.

ZIMRA has a downloadable catalog for their rates and the amount varies depending on what you are importing, number of goods being imported, and the reason for you importing i.e. Will it/they be for personal use or resale etc.
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ok thanks Touchyy808
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