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But rest of the computers on the network can see the printer I specifically want to add.

I tried putting all the computers on the same work group? Still doesnt work.
only when I browse for the printer on the network menu and choose the sever which has the printer shared it can now access it but after i enter the username and password.

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2 Answers

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How are you adding the printers to those PCs?

Where is your print server installed, or your printer is a stand alone network printer?

If its a network printer, note its ip address, go to those pc and in the device and printers, clear anything related to printer.

Right click and choose add a printer then go for the network printer option after choosing the option that says the printer is not being shown.

Look fir the option to search by ip address and the the ipaddress of the printer, it should now install drivers.
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How do I get the ip address of the printer?
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Press start and type \\"name of the printer" on the search bar without quotes.
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