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I am currently finishing off my a'level doing mathematics physics and computing, I wud like to become a software developer one day..... I want to study computer science bt I'm not sure how good the universities in Zim r

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Ever wonder why the world today is more often being referred to as a Global Village? One reason is because it has become so easy to go for anything anywhere in the world because so many opportunities are now available.

NOTE: Do not waste the opportunity to study abroad, ever.

Zim universities are good in they're own way, and are recognized because they are accredited institutions. However, there's no valid reason to not apply for a scholarship to study in some foreign land where you can't pronounce the name of the city you stay in.
Utilize the power of the internet right now to get yourself ahead. Do the research, hours and hours of it on any university you may consider and apply as soon as possible.

In the meantime, there are dozens and dozens of free online courses that you can learn from about everything and anything and individuals on YouTube that like posting what they know. Also utilize that to your advantage in your free time for a head start it the type of Development you want to learn in future. Heck, you might even have coded a full program before you finish your first year of university.

Hope this sheds a bit of light.
All the best too.
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