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I want to back up files everyday automatically to certain a hard drive for a number of workstations at a certain time. How do I go about it?

How do other companies back do their back ups also?
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I think you'd better back up data by yourself, though it will cost much time.

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I would suggest that you use Seagate Dashboard or Everyday Auto Backup. I can see how it would be tedious to manually back up multiple workstations and these can even provide hourly backups if need be.
I however don't use them personally and I'm only sure that Seagate Dashboard is free, and there may be others out there that a paid and more efficient so I suggest you use the powers of Google and Bing to find out.
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I had not noticed that seagate dashboard was free before i commented on the robocopy method.
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Everyday Auto Backup worked for me. Thank you
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You could also write a script. That carries out an xcopy or you can do robocopy.  If these workstations are on the domain you would then push the script out as a group policy object.

I know this would not be the favoured option, but I found it worked well, when no one wanted to pay $$ for software.
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If you don't have time to backup the data now, set a schedule to backup later.
Your computer holds important data, set a schedule to backup your computer regularly.
Many major changes are made to your system such as an operating system upgrade.
Schedule backup brings you convenience, set a schedule to backup your computer automatically. you can Backup your files with EaseUS Free automatic file backup software.

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