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My boyfriend is out on a camping trip for 2 weeks. He said he won't be able to talk much because there is no wifi signal or not enough data connection.

He always shows online on Viber though. When I send messages it says Delivered and when I call him it says Ringing.

I saw on some forums that Ringing means it is connected and the other person's phone is really ringing.

As of the moment I'm taking his word for it. I'm not sure if Ringing is possible with "no wifi signal or not enough data connection" or he is simply not just picking up.

Any advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Cellular connections can be terrible in remote areas. I'm sure there are times when you notice that it's still goes crazy midday right in the CBD or at home and you have no idea why.
This is because cell signals can easily be disrupted and it gets worse when out in the wild.
For the most part, its possible that your Viber is registering his as ringing but the whole time it's not even showing on his mobile. Or he could already answered your call (but yours is still showing Ringing) and since it wasn't actually going through, he cut the line but the network hung his app connection. This may show him being online even when he his phone is far away.
Also, I've found that sometimes, I receive messages but when I reply them, they don't send for up to hours and by some stroke of bad luck, it will be happening to just one contact if not more.

Anyway, I hope this answer puts you at ease somewhat and all goes well.
PS: You could just try an actual call, if you can.

All the best.
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I use viber extensively.

When it says the message has been delivered, that what it means, delivered to the recipient. You can even set it up so that when the person reads the message it says seen.

If you call the person and does not have signal, it just says calling. But when the person is reachable, it says ringing. If the person answers and the signal is not good it tells you weak signal. If its terrible and the person tries to answers it just says reconnecting

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