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Alternative application to transfer music and pics to apple device besides ifunbox and itools and itunes?

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Try TunesGo or CopyTrans Manager, these are the best FREE PC applications.
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Jailbreak it then coz ifunbox is the best tool to use on a jailed idevice.
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i use pocket drive and works wirelessly, As long as your PC and IOS device are connected to the same wifi you can transfer data to and from the device, videos, docs, mp3s, pics though mp3s will not play on itunes, VLC player handles videos for me. 500MBs is the limit for the app if you want more, you can buy more access. Also your device should be listed in my computer when u plug it in to get pics and videos off it and if the device does not appear that will be a discussion for another time,
give it a try and let us know how that goes.
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You can give iTransfer a try on your computer. It's a good iTunes alternative and will help you transfer music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, ringtones, pictures, apps and books to your iOS devices.
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