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We have a long period of powercuts to look forward to and frankly sitting around in the dark/morning silence is beginning to get old. Is there a USB powered fibre optic adapter i can run zol's fibre through to use during zesa downtime? If there is, is anyone using one? What make/model are you using and where can I get one?
I avoided asking about battery powered routers coz my laptop can mimic that functionality with wired connections.

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Don't know of any. I'm sure you considered this already but curious to know why you are not hooking it up to an inverter and battery? Is is just a cost issue? Coz in my experience investing in a good inverter and battery means both the laptop and the fibre router is covered
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Even if that solution was available, it will dig a serious hole in your pocket coupled with a lot of tech challengies.

First, Zol tech support will not help with setup or if things go wrong.

Second, lm not sure what sort of fibre tech are they running to the cpe equipment ie, your router. If its single mode long range, then you can not directly terminate it into a  pc, it needs special long range gbic. I do not have zol fibre so lm guessing the setup. The fibre hav two sides, the termination side and the receiver side. Your router act as both bundled together.

In this case, l think buying an inverter is your smart cheap move.
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@tzanswers, I guess an inverter would the ultimate home option down the line but for now mobility (and cost) is king. It would be something i could use at home and at work (gen needs cool down periods and stays off after hours).
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