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I noticed the other day that one of the machines on our wifi network had several IP and MAC addresses listed under it (close to 10 1st day i noticed, 8 on another), a majority of which were listed as connected. Is this something to be concerned about or is it just a router quirk?

The machine isn't available for inspection right now but as I recall, no special network settings were added and no other computer on our network has shown this kind of behaviour. The computer in question is a basic stock lenovo laptop (could this be a superfish issue?) running windows 8.1 and Kaspersky Internet Security 14. Recent Malwarebytes scan cleaned out a lot of potentialy unwanted programs but otherwise machine seems clean

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Wifi is an extension of LAN.

On a LAN, computers communicate via mac which is kept in some form of arp table.
In simple terms, if you have 8 PCs in your network, then expect to have 8 mac addresses in each and every PC, but mac address do get flashed now and again.

The most common attack vector used for mac address is cam address flooding but mostly targeted at switches to turn them into repeaters.

You can install wireshark and check the amount broadcast in your network
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