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Hi. I'm in a remote area where there's limited access to internet (no fibre, no wimax). I'd like to start a wifi hotspot business to cater for college students and the general public in my area. I'm thinking of using Vsat but I'm not sure of the best service provider to use currently. Which one has affordable monthly costs without compromising speed. Im looking mainly at simple browsing and downloading apps and documents as oppossed to gaming, video streaming etc. I thought Telone has the best deal but I'm not sure now as some expressed fear there's a catch somewhere. May you point me in the right direction, thanks..

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Thank you for your enquiry. iWayAfrica has over 10 years of VSAT experience and with its latest service plans launched in August 2015 is able to offer a cost effective solution for voucher-based WiFi service. Please send us your contact details so we can discuss further with you. sales@iwayafrica.co.zw or (04) 760 004
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hey Kartel , lm doing/ trying that very same idea and would like to share input with you. lm just abt ready to launch but still weighing my VSAT options. please get in touch and maybe we can find the best deal around.
the race maybe Telone vs Iwayafrica
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