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lm faced with such issues whenever l try to expand or replace network hardware. Recently l had to go through every vendor website(trying to avoid sales people) looking for hardware specs.
Im involved in building a  high speed private cloud storage network.

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Do You Even Need A Wi-Fi Router?
What Type of Network User Are You?
Single Band or Dual Band?
Do I Need 802.11n?
What About 802.11ac?
What Type of Security?

but the core answer is, if you are asking such a question in a forum, then u really need to hire networking experts and they set it all up for you
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mmmm, you are not getting the hang of this! Im asking so that people can answer with their experience and expand the knowledge base.

You are still new here so here is how it goes, sometimes people ask questions and answer themselves. This was agreed long back ago for people who want to share their knowledge but are lazy or not willing to write proper for techzim.

By the way, all questions lm asking here l know the answer already or l have already resolved the issue.
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