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I am a game developer currently working on a Space exploration/FPS style game. i have a playable demo and a bunch of trailers also available. I am looking for game developers i can team up with. also, are there gaming events where i can meet gamers añd show off my game?

I had to repost my question after user macdonald.chipunza trolled it with irrelevant answers.

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Firstly, I would like you to know that Macdchip is of inferior intellect. By his own admission, he is an idiot. Now back to the question, yes there are gaming events here and there, the last one I know of was held at Maestro.   It was a FIFA championship though. Being part of the small developer community, I can say probably you are the only game developer I have heard of. I encourage you to look for enthusiastic people you can train. On that note, what languages and technologies are you using?
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Yes Phidza, lm whatever you like me to be!

I do not survive on intellect, so its of no use to me. Clearly you feast and glow on being intellectual, good for you.

With a lot of intellects like you, why is Zimbabwe full of potholes everywhere?
Why is Zim not generating enough electricity?

Why is Zim channing out graduates who are now specialist tomato and cabage vendors?

Why is Zim channing out doctors every year but you walk into any hospital they are no doctors?

Why is Zim a dumping ground for any country with something to get rid off

Clearly, you are a book intellectual like all other graduates who are vending in the streets. People who are sooo book educated but they cannot even fix a broken water or sewage pipe hence sewage flowing in almost every street.
you seem to have confirmed my worst fears. its gone be a long road on this one.
well, i use the Irrlicht Engine in C++. ive also dabbled in Java JME, Ogre3d in C++, Panda in Python. i'l try to find someone to bring under my wing. ive got a buch of my apps and web-apps i coded online. the code is all open source. holla if u need ie
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