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I have a Seagate 250GB IDE drive that I messed up. I accidentally plugged it into a power lead that carried a much higher voltage and current. The result was a dead drive and a little burning smell coming from an IC closest to the connector pins.

I wanted to know if I could recover the drive by putting on a new circuit board. I want to buy an identical drive and take apart the circut board put them on the old chassis and hope that it powers up.

What are my chances of recovering the data from the hard drive?

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From what I gather from the net, it's a very doable thing but it has some hidden difficulties. The drive controller actually stores data on the state of your drive and swapping it, even with an identical board, without also swapping the controller data (may require special gear or straight up swapping bios chip) may lead to issues.

If you want the data badly but not enough to go to a data recovery firm and spend mega bucks, then go for it! It will be an education either way
yup yup. u have to decide if your data is worth the money. but data recovery firms are found is South africa nearest.  olwez keep 2 backups of your data ol the time.
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Thank you, will just do it for the lesson then...
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