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I stayed in late at work today so I could use all the bandwidth available to download some ISO images and I realised something: I don't think I have ever seen double digit download speeds on our 'upto' 20Mbps fibre connection. Without starting any flame wars, what's the best speed you have ever achieved with ZOL Fibre in actual use (speed test sites seem to be too generous!)

Here are a few quick screen caps. Had short bursts upto 6Mbps but generally speeds hovered just above 2Mbps

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I'm on the ZOL fibronics home package for the 20Mb and 90% of the time I'm seeing 10-20Mb, tested to local, American and European servers, only on about three occasions in 15 months have I experienced a constant less than 5Mb speed and it's usually because they're carrying out maintenance.  I don't really use it during the day because the home packages are optimised for off peak use and I'm at work anyhow.  I have used it during the day previously and I still get good speed, only if you start trying to download stuff it'll step your speed down.  I have witnessed this.

At work we're on the same speed package but for business and it's pretty much the same but as it's optimised for peak time it works well.
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