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in Computer Hardware by Guru (88.1k points)
I have a gen 8 hp proliant server which have sata disk installed with ms 2012. It started shuting down after every 10 minutes or so, now it cannot even boot.
Bios indicates that its failing to see any attached  disk, but l took the disk and its readable on another pc.

Any ideas!!
by Guru (88.1k points)
Im trying to determine wether the fault is hardware or software

1. l plugged the disk on a external cuddy, it was readable although the other recovery partition is not.

2. Checked to make sure the expansion module is functioning properly by switching where the disk is plugged into both front bays and motherboard connections.

3. Everything is pointing to a corrupted MBR or missing boot file or corrupted boot file.

4. Just to be sure, l have a second  exect model of Gen 8, l swapped the disk and the corrupt disk couldnot boot in the second server, yet the disk from that server is work on my suspect.

5. I booted through the Mint live disk to see if linux can mount that disk, it managed to,

My next stage is to try and dual boot it. We can not afford to loose the windows install on that server hence all the effort.

Will update...

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