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asked in Web by Regular (2.2k points)
Hi,how do i host a website....I have got everything including the nameservers and cloud services.What i need to know is how to host a site.

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The eäsy way, would be to find folks who do website hosting and pay them a monthly or yearly fee for it. this way is cheap and easy for you.

The hard and expensive way is that you get a unique website, like yourwebsite.com.

Then you need Wamp, or Xamp or Lamp or Mamp depending on your OS. you then code your website yourself and use Wamp or whichever to take your servor online.

This way is hard because you need to be a programer.
This way is expensive in that you'l need to have an active data plan and internet connection all the time otherwise your website will go offline.
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answered by Guru (88.1k points)
Where are you trying to host this from, your house of data centre somewhere?
commented by Regular (2.2k points)
am trying to host it from a data centre
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