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Hi Experts,
How do I fix corrupted rar files, or at least extract whatever is possible?

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Open WinRAR choose the "Extract to" button on the toolbar in the window that opens "Keep broken files" is on the bottom right under Miscellaneous.
You could also try (from the drop down menu) "Repair archive (Alt+R)" but do this on a copy of the file.
If will show error "the archive is either in unknown format or damaged" you're getting means that the file is corrupted, so it just cannot be repaired.
But maybe the file is not completely corrupted and some part of the information can be saved. I think there will a RAR recovery items. If you want to try this tool. http://www.oemailrecovery.com/rar_recovery.html
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corrupted how exactly?
but anyhow, what u can try;
-get 7zip file manager. it'l try to open even corrupt archives without a closed md5 and u can get a few of the fiels.
-thats the easy way.
also, try to use 7z extensions for archives. ive noticed my rar, zip files get corrupt just sitting on a hard drive. ive neva rily investigated how it happens due to time limits.

outside of that, you'd have to be a programer to write algos to take out the files one by one
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Refer to the following thread for some possible solutions
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Thank you guys for your feedback and help. Sorry, that long time did not respond. This is because the issue was solved and I forgot to tell.) Thank you!
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