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I have 2 lenovo laptops bought around the same time. They are taking too long to boot, sometimes whole day or not even booting at all.

You do not get past bios or sometimes its just a blank black screen. One has Win 7 which came preinstalled and another one l installed linux Mint on it, but still same issue.

How can l resolve this issue?

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Mmmmh, 2 laptops, bought at the same time, with diffrent OSes, both having the same problem? It might just be fate telling you to stay away from lenovo.

My stance, and Luis Villazon's (my troubleshooting mentor) is when a laptop starts acting up, it's best to buy a new one, or a second hand one from E-bay. this is because Computers are like old testament gods, lots of rules and no mercy. Troubleshooting a laptop is very dificult and it usualy boils down to - Change Ram - change the hard-disks - clean up dust from fans ---and failure to that, buy a new motherboard. The mobo costs as much as second hand lappy on e-bay.

So try those fixes but i'd advise buying laptops to save you a lot of valuable time and money.
by Guru (88.1k points)
Spot on, l went through your troubleshooting method thats how l ended up with one installed with Linux Mint on ssd and another one left with Win 7.

On a related issue, l also had a HP laptop playing up with similar issue, l pulled out the disk because l did not want to loose the OS install, settings and applications.
I sent it back to HP and they replaced motherboard. When it came back, l put the original disk and its still working with no issues at all.
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