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I just noticed gvt is going to ban top up cards and give them 6 months  to come up with technology to replace them according to herald http://www.herald.co.zw/airtime-recharge-card-ban-looms/

What can that technology be?

What impact will this have on those who sell air time

Is this a job creation move or else

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2 Answers

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It's already been replaced, a long long time ago.
With Contract sim cards that get billed at the end of the month.
There's also limit caps where you tell your Service provider you want maybe 30 minutes talk time a month, and also maybe 1Gig data.

Zim is just backwards. Countries like USA dont use recharge cards much. When you buy a sim card, you pay say $20 a month for Regulated talk time, Unlimited data and unlimited texts.

The minister Super Mandiwanzira is a good man. He just wants to take us forward in time.
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internet will be the technology, banks will be too, apps and mobile operators services on sim linked to the bank, so everyone should have a bank account whatsoever but waaaaiiiittt m still figuring it out.. i'll answer again
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