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My Galaxy Ace 3 has served me well these past couple of years but I've been working around it's limitations for a while now. So far my top considerations for a replacement are the Galaxy S5 (sorry, I love those dots!) and the Lumia 930 (thing is a sexy windows 10 tank!), both about $400 brand new locally. Do you guys have any other recommendations that can compete on specifications and price? Thanks in advance

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a mobile phone is not driven by hardware. its made gr8 by the softwarebit runs from.
well, first, forget nokia. microsoft is a botomless pit with snakes at the bottom. u wana avoid it at all costs. Installing whatsapp, or any app at all is a nitemare on a windows phone. and windows sucks on a PC. ten times more on a fone. and you wont have fun with your fone. windows is closed source.

on the other end of the spectrum is android. open source android. my phone, the S4 zoom, is a bit old now. but it runs a custom build of Android kitkat, (i coded most of the OS myself, save for the framework)

check out this article www.techradar.com/news/phone-and-communications/mobile-phones/best-android-phone-which-should-you-buy-717819
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Oh I totally get it about specs not being everything, its why I bought and managed to stay happy with a phone that was barely above average entry level when new for over 2 years. But if I'm going to keep my next phone longer than my Ace 3, I'll need it remain relevant and capable for as long as possible. That means top notch build quality and the power to keep up with my modest but growing demands. These older flagship class phones will (hopefully) give me that.

Thanks for answering and sharing the link, there are a couple of contenders in that list but the rest are too rich for my blood!
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In terms of me, hardware is the first factor which I concern most when I want to purchase a phone. Because a phone's performance depend largely on hardware, while I know only have good hardware is not enough, software play a supplementary role, and it's vital. So if a phone can balance both of them, I think it is worth possessing it. I prefer Galaxy S5.
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