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I've searched around and to no avail have found a solution.  Before I drop the $$$ on M$ support, I would like some advice from fellow EE experts.
-Working SQL server directory was deleted, no backups of said directory or full database backups (oh joy!),
-It's imperative that all avenues of recovery are attempted to get the data back (even if that requires $$$$$$$).
Any advice? Has anyone been in this situation before with any luck using M$ support? Or maybe a different company?
Please spare me the "Death Wish Maintenance Plan", "Should have had nightly backups" mumbo jumbo because yes, I too feel this situation could have been avoided but I was called in after the fact to help rectify the problem.
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Give me some info...
Whats the size of database?
Do you fave also the ldf file?
If you attach the mdf what error message you get?
Maybe this post will help you?

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Last time one of my customers had a similar situation (but not as bad as yours...). They had one of the pages in their database corrupted. I'm afraid you can't be sure you'll get any help from MS in this case (in my scenario they said this is DBA's fault since he did not check database integrity on a regular basis...). There are companies in practically every single country that specialize in advanced file or database recovery (usually with their own tools). I would rather try it this way than count on the MS support here.

PS. I managed to recover from the crisis with my customer's database by scripting the database objects one by one ;-) And often helps me SQL Server Recovery Toolbox. You can try a free version.) http://www.oemailrecovery.com/sql_recovery.html
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I recently went through that. As you say it is not a cheap endeavor to do but its doable.the process of recovering the data from a corrupt mdf file is possible but I could say its 90% accurate as any data that was not savedwhen corruption happened will be lost. And don't bother looking for free recovery programs. they don't work.(tried it). contact me on amushonga@gmail.com for more information and quotes on recovery.
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