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I was an AfriAsia bank account  holder,I lost my Cellcard and phone link when I tried to do a new card in September 2015 I discovered  that the Bank has closed.When I phoned the Deposit Protection Corporation  the send me a claim form which needs to be filled with all account details which I don't Remember.
So how do I do to get my account number and use it to claim my money.
I am stucked

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you are joking right? like seriously? u lost your bank account number? i mean who does that? u dont have a receipt? or work papers tied to the bank?
second, i checked, and quote - ''...to help each other with answers to technology questions.''
how on earth is this a tech related question?? is kingdom bank a smartfone? or maybe your account runs on windows 11?

what you ought to do, my gud sir, like a sensible adult male, is to go to your work place HR and ask for your file. or look through your house for papers with your accnt number.
next, you should go to any RBZ branch and ask for their assistance or advice.
then, should buy a small diary. keep this diary in yo house in a metal box with your education certificates. in this diary, write down all your important info, eg your bank accounts and your facebook password.
**this answer mite get me banned from techzim.
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Hi Ernest. As DPC we can still assist you to recover your funds. Please contact Allen Musadziruma on 0716801310 or email amusadziruma@dpcorp.co.zw, thank you.
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