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delete all messages mainly from whatsapp, use your file manager and delete all files from .tmp folder
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What kind of device are you using?
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A phone works almost like a PC, it also needs RAM to run. Think of the RAM on your phone as the RAM on a PC, the internal memory as the Hard drive and the Memory Card  as your External Drive or USB Flash disk.

RAM and Internal Memory on a phone are two different things, so to free up RAM you don't delete music and videos it will not help. Rather concentrate on freeing up RAM. This is what you can do:

1. Try to reboot your phone
2. Try not to run more than one application at a time
3. Disable images in your browser
4. Install Mobile Guard it is free, it will show you how much RAM your device has, how much is being used and how much is free , it also allows you to disable some unneeded processes and apps that start up with your phone. You can also manage your internal memory. (There could be something better out there but that's what I use.)
5. Try to use a different browser like Opera and not the built in browser.
6. Scan your device for viruses.

If everything fails - Get a better Phone!
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Am assuming you never used to get this message before? In that case try deleting any useless data ( music, videos etc  ) located in your internal memory.

if that doesnt work.....post more info about your phone eg brand, allocated memory, browset being used etc.
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