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I'v been looking for a media tablet on and off now for a couple of years. Its not a burning need, it's just something I thought would be nice to have for the right price. Recently the surface RT popped up on my radar and while it is a technological dead end, it seems to have held up well build quality wise. It comes with a basic office suite so I could work a little, the battery life is ok at 8ish hours mixed use, the 10.6" screen is a touch over 720p and matches the aspect ratio of most movies, has HD video out,a full sized USB 2 port and stereo speakers. In this (local) price bracket it faces mostly older ipads, galaxy tabs, hp slates etc. Is it worth considering?

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I happen to have a MS Surface Pro 2, the built is solid and heavy for what it is meant to be! To me, its a laptop when you compare it from a tablet world. Bt when you compare it from laptop poibt of view, it looks like a heavy tablet.

I would not  waste my money on anything ms surface again.
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okay, im not a hater. but a microsoft anything is bad for everything. Android is the latest craze, havent u heard? freedom, functionality, app choices, and price.
u can get a gud android tablet from the likes of huawei for 150 bucks only. u get freedom to select wat apps u want to use. forget 2 usbs if u wana watch 720p. speeds will kill you. u'l need a 128gb or 64gb expansion slot. that means apple is out. galaxy tabs suck on pixel density. out too. u can get free kingsoft office for android. so that office excuse is out too.
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