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My colleague Nigel has a very comprehensive look at alternatives http://www.techzim.co.zw/2015/04/how-much-to-go-online-here-are-the-prices-for-zimbabwean-internet-services/ available in Zimbabwe. My advice if you have coverage in your area get ZOL fiber/ Telone Fiber period. Despite what the answer below claims you should never ever consider VSAT ( the latency is crap and its eye popping expensive even when the experience is below average) unless you have no other option in which case consider Telone VSAT.
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If you had asked this question 2months ago, l would have said YoAfrica. It was good, delivering beyond the promise they offer. But like Zol, they suffer from increasing the number of users without factoring infrastructure capacity and bandwidth available. This is also the same thing which affected Powertel and made Zol the shinning star.

Im back to Telone  adsl because l cannt get fibre things where l am! Its way way improved than the last time l dished them and they hav now a much better customer service.
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life aint black and white. it is determined by factors. the best isp will be Zol with its so called satelite internet. but i gather u r not a business, so u cant afford that at all. so factors. in which city are you? where in that city are you? etc.
techzim has an article on isp companies and their packages. can u search for it on google and c wat wuld be best for you.
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