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I have had my free month with Netflix and now it's time to pay, I only have my Barclays international VISA card which I have tried countless times to use for Netflix and it keeps getting declined.  Anyhow I spoke to Barclays and they said their technology isn't compatible with Netflix!

So, how are people in Zimbabwe paying for Netflix?  Which Zimbabwe bank's VISA's or MasterCard's are working for it?  Steward Bank, Standard Chartered, Stanbic, CABS cash passport?  It doesn't really bother me if I have to open another bank account just for another card, but would be helpful to find out which bank works first!

Has anyone experienced an actual charge for Netflix going through on their cards?  You will only know once you actually have to pay for it, not for your free month.  Unbelievable how a service can come to Zimbabwe and it's such a mission to pay for.

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I don't understand how an internet provider will advertise as a plus for subscribing to them the Netflix and yet don't tell you how.
The only way I know (and is not related to any specific internet provider - the faster the better) is through iTunes plus an unlocator- search on the internet. Bear in mind that to stream you will use at least a GB/hour, so you'll need an uncapped subscription.
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Ecocash Debit Card works ( mastercard ) Steward Bank
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register your card with Paypal and then make payments using it. That could work
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The best way is to use a ecocash virtual debit card.
And if you want to link your mastercard to your ecocash wallet simply follow these steps:
Activating it is *151*200# Enter your pin
Go to
7)Wallet Services
1)Ecocash Debit Card
1)Ecocash MasterCard Physical
1)Activate Card
Enter the required details...Card Number...Cvv and Expiry Date and Bingo you have activated your new ecocash mastercard!!!!
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