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The TV got affected with a virus from a usb fla
sh disk while playing media

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ha ha ha ha ha ha gi gi gi gi. repeat laugh but even mo evily this time.
okay, here is a list of gadgets that dont get infected by viruses:
1. mobile phones be it Apple, Android Blackberry etc.
2. TVs, DVDs players.
3. Decoders and SAT boxes.
4. etc u get the idea.

the only thing that ever gets a virus is a computer running Windows. only. ever.
and whenever you think your computer has a virus, it is never a virus. maybe a file hider. a virus is very destructive.
to explain, a virus is a computer program. a computer program needs the proper "firmware" for it to work. so a windows virus will not run on a TV.

in contrast, if you can take a game say Solitaire, or Zuma from your computer, can you play it on your TV? no you cant. similarly, you cant play Windows' Zuma on your android phone so u cant have a windows virus on your phone.

your problem then? your flash drive got hit by a file hider or some item that messed with the attributes of the files stored on the flash drive. to fix, scan yo flash with a computer with Smadav and you'l be good. sory for laughing at you
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What is wrong with your TV? How did you come to conclude that it might be affected by a virus?
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