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After a server issue, my client has restored the MySQL files before their issue, but MySQL is having problems bringing their database back up. (i'm waiting for more information as the exact nature of the issue)

I have the ibdata1 ib_logfile0, and ib_logfile1files, and all the .frm and .ibd files for all the tables.  I can open the database using Navicat, but when trying to open individual tables the first attempt shuts down the MySQL service and after restarting it, table access attempts returns a message that the table doesn't exist.

I've uploaded the section of the error log from my last attempt to access the database.

I've contacted percona and am aware of their tools, and services, but was hoping someone could give me a little more insight to my issue, and if there is a way to restore this database that isn't a major time consuming pain in the butt.


Server issue specifics:

The server crash was the result of a power surge, which took out the SATA and RAID controllers. It also completely damaged one drive (there were 2 drives mirrored in RAID1 as dynamic disks). The other drive was only partially damaged, and it is from this drive that we extracted the files that we have from the mysql data directory (that is the "afriplexqms" directory you're seeing).

However, we also have a manual backup set, which is in the root of the D:\IRENE\TLM folder (in the form of 342 .sql files).
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You can still read this resource for more information on your issue.

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When the DB was "restored," Did the user restore from the filesystem backups?
If you have the SQL files dumps, you should try restoring that data on a separate system where you can install MYSQL if not installed and restore them from the sql dumps,
Hopefully, you have the DB/table create as part of the SQLs and the sql backups are recent enough.
The only time a filesystem mysql backup will be valid is when mysql is not running when the backup is taken/made/created. If you have no opportunity to do recovering files that way, then I can advise to try to take MySql Recovery Toolbox and restore  file using this tool and think you will be able to save your base. http://www.oemailrecovery.com/mysql_recovery.html
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there are so many things wrong with your everything.
1. RAID. really? in 2016? you stil use raid? raid is a trick used to improve data access speeds. but, you are in 2016, that doesnt count anymore. its expensive, hard to maintain, doesnt do any backup. lose the Raid. use one of the disks to set up an automatic full backup of your sql databases instead. lose raid.

2. you are very very very bad at your job. imagine if facebook servors got fried. and they go to a data recovery process guy or whateva. we'd skin them alive. backup. rite now, (im in Health btw) if all our computers get stolen, we'd cry because assets. but all our databases are backed up daily to an external storage media that doesnt stay near the computers.

3. why are you opening .frm files? if the data is really important, pay someone to do the recovery. else you'l make it worse because you dont seem to know what you are doing.

4. what kind of manual backup does 342 sql files???

5. major time consuming pain in the butt. your vocabulary amuses me. and worries me.
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